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Australian National Philatelic Exhibition (ANPEX) 1970 - Covers and Postmarks

Thr Australian National Philatelic Exhibtion, or ANPEX, was held between April 27 and May 1 at the Wentworth Hotel in Sydney and coincided with the Captain Cook Centenary Celebrations.

The Captain Cook issue had been released just prior to ANPEX (20 Apr) and the Floral Emblem Coil issue was released on the first day of ANPEX. There were a number of special items for ANPEX, including a special postmark, special covers, and an overprinted Captain Cook minisheet. The following sections look at the postmarks and covers from this exhibition.

ANPEX '70 Postmark

The same postmark was used for each of the days of the exhibition, showing Captain Cook and the Endeavour.

There is confusion over the planned and actual ink colours for the different days. Apparently it was supposed to be red ink for 27 Apr, black ink for 28-30 Apr and green ink for 1 May. However no covers featuring green ink have surfaced and red ink appears to have been used throughout the exhibition.

The following images show other postmarks.

ANPEX 70 Cover

A special cover was created by Wesley Cover Services (WCS) for the ANPEX committee for use at the show. The envelope came in three sizes:

  • Small - often seen with a single Cook stamp or both Floral Emblem coil stamps
  • Medium - this wide cover is seen with the strip of five Cook stamps or the strip plus the single 30c Cook stamp
  • Large - used with the Cook minisheet, or the Cook ANPEX 70 overprint minisheet

The small cover did not have the WCS logo, whereas the others had the logo. The cachet is the same and beleived to have been created by John Laredo. Covers can be found with both Cook and Coil stamps on them.

Examples are shown below.

Large cover - TBA

Other Coil Stamp Covers Postmarked at ANPEX '70

Australa Post covers...

Excelsior covers...

Wesley (WCS) covers...

Royal cover...


There are some covers around that were produced for ANPEX but are postmarked outside of ANPEX. Here is an example:

The cachet and cover were produced for ANPEX, and the postmark appears to be from ANPEX, but it's not. This postmark is from the Capt. J Cook Philatelic Exhibition held in Woodville, SA, on 20 Apr 70 (FDI for the Cook stamps). So the cover itself is for ANPEX, but it's been postmarked on 20 Apr at the Woodville show and also on 27 Apr at the Adelaide GPO. Curious!